Cooperative living in the city

On October 11, Ninke Happel takes part in the expert meeting in Genk with Miroslav Šik, pioneer in cooperative housing.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
13:00 – 17:00
C-mine Cultural Center Genk

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Opening of North Holland Archives

On Thursday 8 November 2012, J.W. Remkes, Royal Commissioner in North Holland, opened the renovated and restored building complex of the North Holland Archives on Kleine Houtweg in Haarlem. Anyone wishing to view the renovated building complex can do so on Saturday 17 November, between 11am and 3pm.


Jaarboek Landschap & Stedenbouw

Erve Oostermaete in Lettele was featured in the Jaarboek Landschap & Stedenbouw 2012 (Yearbook of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design 2012).


1st Prize Cadix Antwerp

HCVA together with London-based Stephen Taylor Architects won the competition for the design of two apartment buildings in the Antwerp docklands district of Cadix. The project is part of Block C2 of the area redevelopment plan and comprises 55 rental and owner-occupied dwellings, a car park and a child care centre.
The two buildings stand diagonally opposite one another and display a certain affinity in architectural language, materialization and dimensional system. Special attention is paid to the detailing of the entrance areas and the tectonic legibility of the elevations. The project client is Woonhaven Antwerpen; construction is scheduled to commence in early 2014.


Buurschap de Bloksens is completed

On June 17 the residential collective ‘Buurschap de Blokskens’ is completed.